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The bugle call Taps has, for 150 years, held a special place in our American heritage. Originally conceived as a replacement signal to order lights out at the end of the day in the military, the call transformed into the funeral honors accorded all uniformed persons who have faithfully served our country. While still sounded every evening at military bases to signal Day is Done, the notes of Taps have become part of our national conscience. In times of peace and war the 24 notes of this familiar melody have been performed each day in virtually every part of our nation. As we approach the 150th anniversary of this famous call, TAPS 150 has been organized to mark this date. TAPS 150 is an organization incorporated to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the origin of Taps, our national bugle call. TAPS 150 along with Bugles Across America, the national organization that works to provide live buglers at funerals, is planning commemorative events, special concerts and events that will culminate with ceremonies at National Cemeteries in May 2012 and a re-enactment event June 22-24, 2012 at Berkeley Plantation where Taps was born.

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The mission of TAPS 150 is to commemorate the origin of Taps in 1862 and to present events and public presentations for the purpose of educating the general public and furthering public awareness and understanding of this important part of our American cultural and military heritage.

President of TAPS 150

Taps beckons us to remember patriots who served our country with honor and valor. It is the most familiar of calls and one that reaches our deepest emotions. For 23 years I served as a military bugler at Arlington National Cemetery and felt firsthand the deep feelings it evokes. The time has come to recognize this simple melody as a national treasure; to make Taps our National Song of Remembrance; to grant it a status recognized throughout our nation. With each special event and project planned by TAPS 150, we strive to emphasize the importance of this national treasure.