Buglers for Funerals

Organizations that provide buglers for funerals.

If you are bugler and would like to be listed here please send an email to Jari Villanueva

To be listed as a bugler, you will need a link for a contact (i.e. website or facebook page) where people can see your information.

Listing of Buglers

  • HONOR CALL is creating a national registry of trumpeters and buglers to sound Taps at funerals
  • JOHN PATTERSON is a Marine veteran who sounds Taps in New Jersey
  • NJ TAPS is a local network of volunteers that provides a live performance of the “taps” military bugle call. The service is often performed graveside on short notice, or scheduled in advance for public functions (9-11 memorial, veteran’s day, etc)
  • BILL HERSHEY is a certified bugler at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and offers high quality, professionally played live taps for your loved one’s funeral service in the Greater St. Louis region
  • RAY GUTIERREZ honors veterans with a live rendition of Taps. His mission is to provide a live bugler at deceased veteran’s gravesite. Taps for Vets is in San Antonio Texas.
  • OPERATION TAPS Promoting Taps bugler volunteerism among the civilian brass playing community, and to encourage music organizations to proactively connect with their communities to pay tribute to America’s Military Heroes
  • THE MEMORIAL BUGLERWayne Noel is a bugler in the Norcal, California area