“Day is Done” The TAPS150 CD

The TAPS 150 CD

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The day is Done. The Taps 150 CD

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“Day Has Done” has a variety of performances of the bugle call Taps, related bugle calls, and several orchestrations or other settings inspired by Taps. A substantial program booklet will accompany the CD. The CD contains over an hour of material. A combination of narration and program notes will introduce the selections and tell the story of the history of Taps.

The CD includes:

The Call Has Come-Holcombe/Villanueva-Michael Bogart, soloist
Tone Poem on Taps- Douglas Hedwig
Honoring Our Veterans for Brass Quintet with Band -Steven Behnke-(with Patriot Brass)
Taps for the Fallen Brave, Kevin Burns soloist
The Bugler’s Lament-Red Nichols, Jari Villanueva soloist
Taps with orchestration, Woody English, soloist
Taps-Eternal Father, Woody English, soloist
Tenting Tonight with Taps, George Rabbai soloist
Taps, 1835 Scott Tattoo, Extinguish Lights, 1861 Tattoo
Lights Out March-McCoy
The Golden Star-Sousa
A Bugler’s Fantasy…MDNGHG Buglers
The Last Post/Rouse
Aux Mort
Il Silenzio
Ich Hatt’ einen Kamerden
Taps in unison (BAA Buglers)
Harmonized Taps (BAA Buglers)


Fixtures from “Touch the Spirit” by Wayne Naus
Taps for Maynard by Walter White
Historical recording of Taps at the JFK Funeral

The CD has 33 tracks of Taps and Taps-related music, including calls and settings of our National song of Remembrance.

The CD features trumpet artists Woody English, George Rabbai, Wayne Naus, Walter White, Mike Bogart, Kevin Burns, and Jari Villanueva, plus buglers from The Maryland National Guard and Bugles Across America. The CD will also come with a booklet full of information.

All proceeds go toward the 150th commemoration of
Taps which took place in 2012.

The following are tracks from the “Day is Done.”